сурикат бонапарт
святая елена - маленький остров
я уже почти год (в феврале будет) тусую в англочате алхимика, и это просто СМЕРТЬ
я единственная русская там, и периодически у меня случается приступ синдрома чехова ( = навязчивое желание рассказать всем иностранцам про россию, русский язык, русские традиции, природу, погоду, ВСЁ НА СВЕТЕ). ну и просто я иногда прям МОГУ смешно пошутить по-английски, хотя очень редко, НО!

под катом много самолюбования, потому что иногда не помешает

[07.01.2017 22:54:20] cool ghoul 😎💀: BEING AN ANGRY CRIER IS ACTUALLY THE WORST
[07.01.2017 22:54:45] fletcher's goth phase: RIGHT
[07.01.2017 22:54:53] fletcher's goth phase: LIKE NO!! I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!! im just SOBBING
[07.01.2017 22:55:14] cool ghoul 😎💀: :| so annoying
[07.01.2017 22:55:37] импераптор: drown them fuckers in your tears
[07.01.2017 22:55:59] fletcher's goth phase: that was the most russian thing you've ever said olga

[01.01.2017 21:49:34] импераптор: why somebody would name their child SOLF
[01.01.2017 21:50:05] Delicate Southern Flower Cactus: ZOLF
[01.01.2017 21:50:31] fletcher's goth phase: i always thought it was meant to be zolf and brotherhood just spells it wrong
[01.01.2017 21:50:31] импераптор: EVEN WORSE
[01.01.2017 21:50:32] fletcher's goth phase: like with mei
[01.01.2017 21:50:36] fletcher's goth phase: M E I, not may
[01.01.2017 21:50:49] импераптор: it's 'z' sound in russian anyway
[01.01.2017 21:50:51] Delicate Southern Flower Cactus: Yup
[01.01.2017 21:51:04] импераптор: and may and mei are written the same way in russian
[01.01.2017 21:51:05] Delicate Southern Flower Cactus: It's like Ranfan and Czelkkses
[01.01.2017 21:51:20] импераптор: million reasons why my alphabet is better than yours
[01.01.2017 21:51:23] Delicate Southern Flower Cactus: And -shudders- Liza
[01.01.2017 21:51:54] fletcher's goth phase: [olga voice] my alphabet brings all the boys to the yard and they're like it's better than yours damn right it's better than yours i could teach you but i'd have to charge

[19.12.2016 20:25:02] Lan Fan Fan Club: ...my uncle just said "We should put nukes on our drones and detonate them if anyone steals them!"
[19.12.2016 20:25:27] Lan Fan Fan Club: I'm like...... okay let me condense the reasons that is a TERRIBLE idea into something that will fit in a Facebook comment
[19.12.2016 20:25:38] fletcher's goth phase: what the fuck is wrong with him
[19.12.2016 20:25:47] импераптор: send nudes not nukes
[19.12.2016 20:25:51] fletcher's goth phase: yes.
[19.12.2016 20:26:08] fletcher's goth phase: put naked pictures of obama and biden on the drones
[19.12.2016 20:26:11] fletcher's goth phase: if anyone steals them
[19.12.2016 20:27:24] импераптор: id steal a drone for obamas nudes tbh... hes hot
[19.12.2016 20:27:54] импераптор: put trumps nudes on them. nobody'll ever touch them
[19.12.2016 20:27:57] fletcher's goth phase: the real otp, olga/obama
[19.12.2016 20:28:03] fletcher's goth phase: if he were fully clothed no one would touch them
[19.12.2016 20:28:10] импераптор: oh you put me on top! flattering
[19.12.2016 20:28:47] fletcher's goth phase: could you top obama
[19.12.2016 20:29:13] Lan Fan Fan Club: It seems like he'd let you if you asked

[10.01.2017 21:31:15] импераптор: ok im off to shower
[10.01.2017 21:31:22] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: clean urself
[10.01.2017 21:31:26] импераптор: i need to wake up (at 9pm0
[10.01.2017 21:31:36] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: wake olga up inside
[10.01.2017 21:31:40] импераптор: do you want me to think of you when i wash my body
[10.01.2017 21:31:47] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: I M
[10.01.2017 21:32:13] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: I HAVE A GF BUT IF U ABSOLUTELY WANT TO??? I GUES S ???
[10.01.2017 21:32:14] импераптор: because i will ;'')
[10.01.2017 21:32:23] cool ghoul 😎💀: WOW
[10.01.2017 21:32:51] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: im still yelling im in the library
[10.01.2017 21:32:54] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: s ta hp thi s

[11.01.2017 0:32:05] импераптор: roy: we are going to briggs!!
ed: i will keep an eye on you so you'll wear your hat outside.
[11.01.2017 0:32:33] Getti: Looking after either of them is suffering
[11.01.2017 0:32:35] импераптор: aka my northern ass is offended winry didnt wear a hat in briggs come on
[11.01.2017 0:32:44] Getti: She has a lot of hair in her defense
[11.01.2017 0:33:05] импераптор: have you ever tried going outside in -20 C without a hat
[11.01.2017 0:33:47] Getti: I don’t go outside ever XD
[11.01.2017 0:33:55] импераптор: good choice
[11.01.2017 0:33:57] импераптор: i approve
[11.01.2017 0:34:00] импераптор: but still!

[10.01.2017 0:48:08] импераптор: ...sometimes i worry how weird my english is. mix of grammatical mistakes, bad puns, archaic words, missed articles, incorrect mass culture references and just good old typos
[10.01.2017 0:48:38] импераптор: oh, and memes used incorrectly and synonyms that dont fit in this context
[10.01.2017 0:48:54] импераптор: on the other hand, still better than y'all's russian
[10.01.2017 0:49:47] Delicate Southern Flower Cactus: Яцdз

[29.12.2016 22:01:30] импераптор: this russian countess uses my fave life hack
[29.12.2016 22:01:56] импераптор: 'accidentally' being rude to people and then apologising immediately and blaming it on my bad english

[21:43:21] импераптор: nern i will need you tomorrow in private to discuss my knitting plans
[21:43:37] импераптор: plan your schedule accordingly
[21:43:37] Nernicus: .......is THAT why you want to get me alone
[21:43:44] Nernicus: That sounds ominous
[21:44:03] импераптор: if you're up to some bra-free videochat i wont decline either
[21:44:13] Nernicus: oh my god
[21:44:31] Getti: Lol
[21:44:37] cool ghoul ????: *fans self*
[21:44:41] импераптор: but as for now we better keep on with knitting

[20.03.2017 17:46:44] Nernicus: Times I think of Olga:
1. When Tatu comes on my shuffle
2. When I wear anything that could hypothetically show cleavage
3. Viktor's Russian accent
[20.03.2017 17:46:58] Nernicus: Things I think Olga would kill me for:
1. Most of these

[19:00:43] LE SPI: On the topic of tit assassinating, there actually was a woman who killed her husband w her tiddies
[19:01:06] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: that's how olga wants to die

[18.03.2017 23:41:00] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: olga more like olgay
[18.03.2017 23:41:12] импераптор: like you had any doubts
[18.03.2017 23:41:21] Nernicus: i know i didn't

[18:48:57] Nernicus: I just realized
[18:49:04] Nernicus: Olga is our sinnamon roll
[18:49:15] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: she really is
[18:49:19] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: im love her

[2:11:43] импераптор: can it be colder at your place than it is at mine?
[2:11:49] fletcher's goth phase: cari: it's really chill
olga: it's balmy!!
me: i'm fucking dying
[2:11:51] cari: I forget ur in a frozen hellscape

[19:11] Embodiment of a Missed High Five: We're not sexting
[19:11] the abbiest ab (they/them): olga: i want to grab and gently caress your boobs
me: hi cari oh wow you look cute
[19:11] comrade orbgay: if anything, it's me getting the cold war reparations

[17:30] comrade orbgay: we dont give medals marking the end of afghanistan of chechnya war
[17:30] comrade orbgay: *eyebrows wiggle
[17:30] morgrimmoon: ah, so only wars you won? :stuck_out_tongue:
[17:31] comrade orbgay: ...ok that hurt
[17:31] Embodiment of a Missed High Five: AHAHAHA
[17:31] comrade orbgay: but yes
[17:32] Embodiment of a Missed High Five: Good thing your country has health care that will cover that burn

[08.04.2017 19:48:15] импераптор: the fact you never wanted to know: i never remember the name of the play 'the taming of the shrew' correctly and always end up thinking 'the taming of the shrimp' first
[08.04.2017 19:48:33] импераптор: and now i want a royed fic named 'the taming of the shrimp'
[08.04.2017 19:50:57] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: omfg
[08.04.2017 19:50:58] outstanding heterosexual russell tringham: beautiful
[08.04.2017 19:51:19] импераптор: olga and her english problems

[20:44] the abbiest ab (they/them): hey guys why does olga have bad table manners..................................... because she's always RUSHIN
[20:44] the abbiest ab (they/them): GET IT

00:18] comrade orbgay: hot russian singles not in your area
[00:19] Alex [she/her]: who knows
[00:19] Alex [she/her]: you could be in someone's area
[00:57] fizzybubblespop: what if you were in no ones area like
[00:57] fizzybubblespop: literally no one
[00:57] fizzybubblespop: you were the one Hot Russian Single with no one in a 100km radius
[00:59] comrade orbgay: luckily im not hot, so im safe
[00:59] fizzybubblespop: how do u know
[00:59] comrade orbgay: experience
[01:02] the abbiest ab (they/them): ur hot
[01:02] comrade orbgay: 36,6°C hot yes
[01:12] Dickspi: hot russian single in space near no one
[01:13] Dickspi: honestly tho space sex sounds cool
[01:13] Dickspi: like
literally any position is possible think about it
[01:13] comrade orbgay: yuri gagarin was the first hot russian in space
[01:14] comrade orbgay: not sure if he was single tho

@темы: ляйн фандомный, ёбушки-воробушки, ed... we ARE the feds