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выкладывать последние фички по алхимику на фикбуке я не могу, поэтому ссылками сюда:

The Evil Twin Problem by erlenwein, Ройхьюз и РОйэд (немного). и трибблы.
Captain's Log, Stardate... oh, fuck it.
Let me start anew; this is going to be a long story, and I won't let it be forgotten. Mostly for the sake of those who'll try to figure out why we all died such a stupid pointless death.

Words: 1,523

это перевод фичка с ФБ-2016 — "Дорога назад", Ройхьюз
Routes and Destinations by erlenwein
Roy meets his eyes — he never blinks, and Hughes feels like he's staring into the abyss. The abyss stares back into Hughes; Hughes turns the turn signal on.
Words: 4,751

(i gotta hold a hold on you) by erlenwein, Ройхьюз
Maes doesn't like talks like that, but he knows he ought to talk: it makes the pain go away for some time. At least, that's what Alex keeps saying: voice your feelings, share your pain, and it becomes bearable; as if Alex follows on his own advice. The man is pro in repression; Maes is, apparently, not.
Words: 2,656

а вообще, этот момент, когда в погоне за фидбеком понимаешь, что на русском недодадут :((

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